WHY NOT ...?

Being blessed with an inquisitive and adventurous nature, Katarina Vasickova is constantly challenging herself to create utilizing different methods, tools, spaces, materials, surfaces, and expressions outside the confines of the galleries.  Her artwork can be found on walls in public buildings and in the street.  She also works her magic on small stones, and other unconventional objects.  Her installations and sculptures can also be found in different establishments around the city of Athens and abroad.  

Co-operating with enterprises such as wineries, hotels and restaurants is a special undertaking for Katarina, giving her a wide breadth of space and possibilities.  This has made her work more approachable and many people have discovered her this way. 


My love for wine and respect for the art of winemaking has carried me off to another facet of my professional artistic career by incorporating wine, with its depth of colors and hues, into the broad range of materials I employ. While using wine in paintings for wineries all over Greece, I discovered that wine gives just that hint of perfection with a subtle fragrance of the land, sense of the robust grapevines, and sweet-scented flowers.  In addition to the paintings using wine, I have done different commissions such as wine labels, funny dictionaries, and painted barrels.


Living in Greece nurtured my love for the Greek culture.  Studying the Greek language gave me an insight into their psyche and instilled in me a passion for their mythology.                       I can say that my formative years were spent here in Greece.

As an artist, I became interested in Art Therapy because of the calm that envelops me when I am immersed in my work. What better way to combine my two passions than to produce a coloring book about the Greek gods.

Relax, Learn and Have Fun is a series of coloring books for the whole family to enjoy. It offers exactly what the title says because I believe the creative process assists in enhancing and improving our overall well-being. This book also gives you a bit of information about the fabulous Greek gods and goddesses of this mythological realm that you will be meeting here.  So I invite you to relax, learn and have fun!

  • this project wouldn’t be possible without ANNA BELLE, PANTELIS KONSOLAKIS, ANDREAS VGENOPOULO


 I find a canvas for inspiration in every object and in the process, size is never an issue.


Located within walking distance of the magnificent Acropolis, Atelier KV has been a meeting place , since 2017, artists, art aficionados ,for friends, old and new or just passers-by whose curiosities were piqued by the atelier.  

Atelier KV doubles as a gallery in which I showcase my art,   and as my studio where I work and teach.  Come, participate in a workshop or two, enjoy learning about and utilizing the different techniques I use in my projects,

I believe God has dealt me a good hand in my life as            I have always been surrounded by wonderful people and I feel utterly grateful.


I believe we all have a fundamental responsibility to give back to society whenever we can.